The Interphone F4 Bluetooth ®Motorcycle Communicator offers reliable, crystal-clear communication for a pair of riders at an excellent price. Effective motorcycle intercom maximum range of 0.3 miles (500m – if you’re in Canada) between a pair of riders. The waterproof full-duplex communicator allows both people to talk at once.

Mobile Phones

  • Hands-free Bluetooth ® mobile phones
  • Connect up to two phones to each head unit
  • Voice call and answer
  • Reject Call


  • Audio information from Bluetooth ® GPS navigators
  • Ringtone alert while using GPS function

Bike to Bike

  • Connect via intercom up to .3 miles (500 meters)
  • Pilot-passenger intercom
  • phone ringtone alert
  • Compatibility with other devices and Interphone Interphone F4


  • Music hi-fi stereo Bluetooth®
  • Remote control commands musical
  • A2DP and AVRCP profiles
  • Notice phone ringtone with automatic pause

Need two headsets? Save money and speed up installation by purchasing a F4 Twin Kit. Twin Kits provide two factory-paired head units, two mic/speaker kits for full face helmets, and two mic/speaker kits for modular/open face/full face helmets.

Interphone F4 Single Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset