Why Interphone?

Interphone communication systems are the most advanced on the market, using the latest Bluetooth technology for superior performance, whether traveling long distance or around town. The F4 and F5 models feature A2DP stereo Bluetooth for HD audio for wireless music, GPS, and phone calls. Convenience features include automatic intercom muting during phone calls, large control buttons that are easy to use even with gloves on, and simple-to-use functions.

Interphone Bluetooth communicators have exceptional clarity and volume range that is useful up to 100 mph. Each unit is certified IP67 waterproof and dust-proof to withstand the rigors of real-world motorcycle riding.

F5 and F4 headset kits include all the parts necessary to set up two helmets (one of which is full face), so you can easily move the head unit between both helmets. Twin kits provide two factory-paired head units, two mic/speaker kits for full face helmets, and two mic/speaker kits for modular/open face/full face helmets.

The F5 offers full-duplex communication for groups of up to 6 riders using USB 3.0 technology. Effective maximum range starts at 0.8 miles between a pair of riders and increases to 1.5 miles for a group of six riders. The full-duplex communication allows all six people to talk at once.

The F4 offers reliable, crystal-clear communication for a pair of riders at an excellent price.